So I decided to start a new series on my website. Here I will be taking a herbal brand and I will be testing the products for 15days. Then I will be writing a blog on how I liked the brand. I will try to pick new brands, which are not known much to the people. I hope you will enjoy this series.

So the brand  that  I picked for this month is Saltiva.  The majority of the cosmetics available in the market are chemical based and can cause long-term harm to our bodies but Satliva products have no-chemicals and only use pure natural oils. I have used seven of their products so that I can review the brand properly. So without any further ado lets get started with the review.

Mango Face Butter with Rosemary Oil– My favorite product from the whole range has to be this face butter. I personally have a dry skin. This product not only hydrated my skin but also added a glow to my skin. You just need a tiny amount of this product for your face. If taken in more amount , it will make your face look really oily. It has actually changed my skin structure completely. It is suitable for all skin type. Click Here

Mango Face Butter with Lavender Oil– I brought this cream for my mother so that I could give you guys a detailed review on how this products work on different age groups. Her skin had pigmentation and also some freckles. After using this for 10days the pigmentation was lightened. It also added a glow on her skin. Now the skin looks hydrated and healthy. Click Here

Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint- It is an extension of the face butter range. You need a tiny amount of this product for your whole body. Its the most hydrating cream I have ever used. Plus like the body butters, it also adds glow to your skin. Click Here

Hemp Lip Butter – The lip butter has no added colours. It will provide your lips intense hydration and you don’t need to reapply for 5-6 hours. It will actually make you lips baby soft.  It also helps in reducing pigmentation if used on a regular basis. Click Here

Hemp with Jojoba Body Oil- I personally use this as a part of my night skin care routine. After taking a shower, I like to apply this oil on my face and also on my body. After 1 hour I usually take a nap. It makes my skin really soft in the morning. Plus it also provide our skin the hydration we need at night time. It also brightens up your skin. You just need a few drops of this product and you are sorted. Click here

Hemp with Avocado Hair Oil – This is a semi light hair oil. It will reduce your dandruff but definitely will take time to cure it. I have damaged my hair by colouring it more often. This product reduced the damage as my hair feels softer and looks healthy and shiny now. Click Here

Hair Cream with Peppermint Essential Oil – So I apply this cream 30 minutes before I take a shower. After 30 minutes I was it off with a mild shampoo. You can use a conditioner if you want to. This cream will give you a semi-hair spa effect. In the long run will help you to reduce damage. Click Here

All the products that I have mentioned will expire in six months from the  day of order. What this company does is that it makes the product after receiving the order. As all the ingredients are natural so it expires in six months. I hope this blog has helped you. Until text time

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