Get rid of ACNE once and for all, with the most natural products yet!

Get rid of ACNE once and for all, with the most natural products yet! on satliva.com

For most of us, nothing can ruin a morning like waking up to finding a zit that kills confidence immediately. Cancelled dates and rescheduled meetings, we’ve had them all. Battling breakouts can totally wreck your day, which makes finding solutions that work well ever so important. And what’s worse than acne? An allergic reaction to the myriad of chemicals used in all those over the counter treatments we buy. Don’t fret, we’ve got just the solution you need! Satliva introduces you to a chemical free zit-erasing plan that’s sure to keep those pesky pimples at bay.

Concocted with a combination of hemp seed oil blends, Satliva’s acne combos will leave your acne fears behind. First things first, the hemp seed oil is rated 0 on the comedogenic scale which means it’s highly unlikely to clog your pores and cause breakouts. Additionally, hemp seed oil is one of the richest sources of linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that helps build healthy skin cells, which are needed to fade dark marks and scars. The oils anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help with protecting your skin from radical damage and therefore promotes healthy, glowing skin.


Pamper your skin with Satliva’s hemp infused combos featuring a nourishing body oil, a moisturising face butter and a revitalising activated charcoal soap bar. If you’re looking for success after all your battles against acne, The Moringa Oil Acne Killer combo is the way to go! Light and easy to absorb the moringa combination oil will leave your skin young and healthy, keeping that dreadful acne out of sight. The mango fresh face butter infused with lavender oil is a non-greasy formula that not only moisturises your skin but can improve your complexion and treat painful sunburns and dark spots.


Still experimenting trying to get rid of those gone but not forgotten acne scars? The aftermath of acne can be messy. Satliva’s Jojoba Oil Acne Killer Combo is here to save the day. Believe it or not, jojoba oil when used regularly can make those acne scars disappear for good. It’s non sticky formula makes it ideal for all skin types deeply nourishing your skin and reducing scars. The mango fresh face butter infused with rosemary oil is an excellent detoxifying moisturiser, removing excessive oils, dirt and chemicals from your skin.


Both combos feature a freshly blended activated charcoal body soap that gently exfoliates your skin removing dead cells and giving you that radiant glow. With it’s unique composition, the activated charcoal detoxifies while the sheer butter restores your skin to its natural beauty.

Make one of these combos a part of your daily routine and experience the wonder that is Satliva.

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