The finest Moringa Oil is extracted using a cold-press method, and it has a pale-yellow, lightweight texture with a subtle nutty odor.

The Moringa Oleifera Tree, which is native to Africa and Asia’s tropics, is one of nature’s most potent plants. Its leaves are extremely nutrient-dense, its seeds produce oil, and it may also be used to cleanse water. It is drought-resistant and can provide a steady source of revenue for small farmers that grow it.

The entire tree, from the bark to the leaves and seeds, has medicinal characteristics and is utilized in food, health, and nutrition. Its leaves alone contain minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and 36 anti-inflammatories, according to reports. Enough about its virtues; let us now discuss the moringa oil items that might be your savior this season.

Cold pressed moringa oil


Mango rosemary face cream


This face cream regulates sebum production and treats acne scars. It combines the advantages of hempseed oil, rosemary and moringa oil. While rosemary moisturizes and hydrates the skin, moringa oil reduces acne and inflammation. Satliva makes these face creams fresh to order and without parabens.

Mango rosemary face cream made from fresh moringa oil


Moringa body soap bar 


Unlike other chemically produced soap bars, moringa body soap bars are made entirely of organic components. Moringa oil and hempseed oil are two of its main constituents. These soap bars may be able to treat back acne and rashes caused by perspiration and harsh temperatures. Moringa oil penetrates the skin, increasing collagen and regulating sebum production.

Moringa oil infused soap bar with a mild herb scent


Moringa face and body oil


Moringa face and  body oil infused with hemp seed oil, is appropriate for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. This massage oil may revitalize both your skin and your body. Every night, a 15-minute massage with this moringa oil may leave your skin looking and feeling younger than ever. Moringa oil combats wrinkles and dullness while hemp seed oil moderates skin’s oil production and minimizes irritation. It could be the perfect match for your night self care regime thanks to it’s various healing properties.

Satliva does not make items in batches. They create this Face and Body Oil just after you place an order to ensure the finest quality. This manner, you may get your hands on a freshly manufactured skincare product that is free of synthetic ingredients.

Moringa oil for your bodycare by satliva

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