The answer to your lip troubles – orange lip balm!

The answer to your lip troubles - orange lip balm! on satliva.com


Lip balm is a smooth, wax-like substance that you use to moisten and relieve the pain from dry or chapped lips. Your lips’ thin skin makes it more prone to dryness than other parts of your body’s skin and therefore, it needs all the love you can give it. However, sometimes we’re not sure how. But, now you need not worry about that anymore. Because, have something that would change your life forever – Satliva’s orange lip balm.


Orange oil and cocoa butter work together to create this orange lip balm, which is a silky lip balm that hydrates, calms, and shields lips that are chapped, cracked, and peeling. Satliva’s orange lip balms are freshly made to order and cold-pressed, which enhances its capacity to hydrate. This orange lip balm is lightweight and portable. It has a wide variety of special and luxurious ingredients including Hemp Oil, Cocoa Butter, BeesWax and Orange Oil. It has a beautiful fresh citrusy fragrance. The Orange in the orange lip balm prevents and reduces dark lips, in addition to nourishing your lips and restoring its moisture.


Satliva’s orange lip balm is the answer to all your lip related worries, and the best part is you can get them with a simple click and at your home at an affordable price! If you take lip care seriously, this orange lip balm should be your go-to item because it not only nourishes and restores your lips, but also boosts your spirits with its invigorating scent.

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