No more dry lips with Satliva’s orange lip balm!

No more dry lips with Satliva’s orange lip balm! on satliva.com


Has the change of weather taken a toll on your lips? Are they chapped and dry constantly? Well, it is a problem most of us face with the sudden changes in weather and population. Even lip balms are not trustworthy enough. But, now that all changes! With Satliva’s orange lip balm, you can kiss all these worries goodbye!


Because your lips don’t have any oil glands, their skin is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body. Orange lip balm has a glossy sheen to it that helps your lips look even more hydrated. It is completely organic and preserves your lips better than any other lip balm. Lip chapping is more likely to occur in kids and teenagers who often lick their lips. Beeswax and argan oil, two soothing and moisturizing ingredients in orange lip balm, were chosen since chapped lips can affect everyone at any age. An extraordinarily pleasant and delicate lip balm that is Satliva’s  orange lip balm. It moisturizes, soothes, and prevents chapped, cracked, and peeling lips is made with orange oil and cocoa butter. The hemp seed oil in Satliva’s orange lip balm works wonders to prevent the chapping of lips and keep them extra hydrated throughout the day.


Lips that are chapped are a common occurrence for people who live in dry, hot climates or in cold climates. But, now you don’t have to take the pain of that anymore. At Satliva, we curate products like our orange lip balm, to suit the needs of all our customers and have them be more confident!

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