How to Prevent & Get Rid of Dry Summer Skin

As we approach the peak of summer, we are simultaneously approaching the peak of dry summer skin. These are the days when dryness, flakiness, and irritation of skin are at their worst. Failing to modify your skincare routine during this drastic change in weather conditions can lead to breakouts, chronic dryness, and other potentially damaging and vexing skin conditions. To help simplify the process for you, we’ve put together a list of some things you can do to avoid and get rid of dry summer skin. Let’s get right into it.

Use healthful and hydrating shower products

The dry weather paired with the use of chemical-based shower products are a formula for dry and flaky skin. Chemicals present in much of our daily use shower products lead to further dryness and dehydration which only makes matters worse. Incorporating an all-natural soap bar into your shower is the easiest way to circumvent a lot of these problems. Our Hemp with Shea Butter Body Soap Bar is the perfect shower companion this summer.

Maintain a weekly body oiling routine

The benefits of body oiling are known to nearly everyone. Among the top benefits is the ability of this process to reduce dryness and deeply hydrate the skin. A strict body oiling routine once a week can assist you on your journey to prevent and get rid of dry summer skin. Satliva’s Hemp with Moringa Face & Body Oil adds a luxurious touch to this process. It moisturises the skin and locks in the moisture, ensuring lasting hydration throughout the day.

Don’t skip the sunscreen

Although the summer months are dark and without a view of the scorching sun, it doesn’t mean you should avoid sunscreen. The harmful UV-rays of the sun are able to penetrate through the clouds on the darkest of days, and easily manage to penetrate through your skin which causes a range of skin ailments including dryness and dullness. A natural sunscreen like our Red Raspberry Cream that contains sufficient SPF properties and doubles as a moisturiser can help get your skin prepared for the harsh summers.

Avoid extremely hot showers and baths

A hot water bath is a comforting activity during the freezing summer months. However, this practice is hazardous to your skin health. It destroys the skin’s natural lipid barrier and further dries out the skin. A short warm water bath can be equally as soothing without the negative effects of scalding water. A helpful tip to keep in mind: replenish the moisture lost during your bath using a natural body butter such as the Hemp with Neroli Body Butter.

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