Dandruff Hair Cream: The Easiest Way to Deal With the Summer Menace


If you’re wondering how Satliva’s Dandruff Hair-cream works, then dear reader, you’re on the right track. Here you’ll find the secret entrance to the magical world of dandruff and frizz free hair, all thanks to Satliva’s Dandruff Hair-cream.

We call Satliva the ‘cure for all ills’ because of its wide range of products, which are aimed to solve all of your hair and skin problems.


Talking about the toast of the town, our hydrating dandruff hair-cream penetrates into the deepest layers of the scalp, providing you with overall nourishment and leaving your hair stronger, thicker and shinier.


How to use it? Scoop out a small amount of dandruff hair-cream on your palm and massage gently into the scalp using a circular motion, spread the remaining cream on the length of your hair. Use regularly before your shower to maintain soft, healthy and dandruff-free hair. After shampooing, you can also apply it on the semi-dry length of your moistened hair to make your hair look glossy and volumized. Satliva’s dandruff hair-cream will help you battle the inevitable summer frizz. The Indian Hemp Seed Oil in our Argan Peppermint Dandruff Hair-cream will help your hair grow faster and thicker, the Argan Oil will hydrate the strands and the Jojoba Oil will help in treating the dandruff. The cream also has Beeswax which protects your hair from pollution, heat, frizz and dryness, and the Peppermint Essential Oil which soothes your scalp and makes your hair look shiny.


If you worry about the damage that chemical based hair products might cause to your lovely hair or are crazy about different hairstyles every time you step out of your house, this hair-cream is a perfect addition to your self-care days. We, at Satliva, are dedicated to making your dreamy hair looks come true.

Satliva’s hair-care range is freshly made right after you place your order; So tell all your chemical based products to move out of your shower and make way for our dandruff hair-cream and our other premium collections.

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