Hemp seed oil: a sustainable ingredient

Orange lip balm: the science behind it on satliva.com


Linolenic acid contributes to hemp seed oil’s numerous advantages.Hemp Seed oil is typically unrefined. It’s a transparent green oil with a nutty taste.The Indian hemp industry has flourished in the pandemic more than ever. Satliva  is  one of a few Indian brands which are focussing on introducing hemp into the market and introducing a wide range of vegan products.


Owing to hemp seed oil’s high content of omega-6/omega-3 fatty acids and bioactive minor components with antioxidant activities, hemp seed oil is now recognized for its health benefits by a large number of consumers.

Botanically, hemp seeds are small nuts, typically a few millimeters in diameter. ‘They are somewhat shorter and thicker than sunflower seeds. A thin, crunchy, edible hull protects their meat. This meat, which can be extracted from the seeds by careful hulling, typically contains about 45 percent fat and 35 percent protein. Sugars, ash, and moisture account for most of the remainder. Satliva recognized all the above mentioned benefits of the hemp seed oil and introduced it into the Indian beauty market. Satliva’s motto is “whole well-being.” It covers not just cosmetics but also snackable foods such as trail mix. This berry trail mix is high in antioxidants and hemp seed oil’s goodness. It is high in plant-based protein and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. This is an evolutionary snack that provides both nutrients and flavor. This product is extremely pocket friendly unlike most superfoods  available in india.

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