Hair cream for women: satliva’s best creation

Orange lip balm: the science behind it on satliva.com


Products that are handcrafted offer higher quality and more attention to detail apart from taking less energy than a mass production assembly line and satliva understands this logic perfectly and has created a wide range of products which help us and the environment like hair cream for women . This makes them more environmentally sustainable. Also, when you buy a handmade product like a hair cream for women from satliva, the local artisans or the locally owned independent businesses creating them yield a higher percentage of their revenue to their communities than chains. They are non-factory made because natural products are what they are – natural, they are not made in factories. The option of customizing your purchase by dealing directly with the artisans when you purchase natural products makes your choices open to tweaking certain aspects of the product precisely to fit your needs.


By using natural products like hair cream for women, you power your economic and social development and many ‘ecosystem services’ to ensure an uninterruptedly healthy planet – from a clean supply of air, water, food, and raw materials, to disease regulation and space for recreation. Pollutants not only cause chemical damage to the hair, but they also drain the protein from the strands, affecting the hydrophilic hair surface and cuticles. Pollution is prevalent, especially in cities, and it impacts people’s health in a variety of ways. Polluted air particles can cling to the strands and create dryness and opacity, making the hair stiffer and less pliable.

When the pollution is severe, the contaminants frequently block the pores of the scalp, leading to unending hair loss. As a result, the most pressing concern at this point is how we might avoid pollution-induced hair damage. Hair creams for women from Satliva are not only chemical free but also protect your hair from the pollution.

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