Do you know which is better for your skin? Body Butter Vs Lotion Vs Oil.

Do you know which is better for your skin? Body Butter Vs Lotion Vs Oil. on satliva.com

While body butter, body lotion and body oil are all meant to serve the common purpose of moisturizing the skin, we often debate about their benefits and usage.

Until recently, I was never able to understand that my skin had different requirements in different conditions. I would just try to quench the thirst of my skin with the good old body lotion without truly looking at the ingredients, and their purpose.

Let’s understand each of them individually quickly first here and then take a deep dive.

Body Butter

The ultra-rich and creamy textured body butters are usually made from natural, plant based butters, beeswax and certain oils. They are great alternatives to lotions for intensive moisturizing without chemicals and preservatives.

Try Satliva’s body and face butters with hemp seed oil, natural mango or cocoa butter and essential oils, that are great, not just for winters but also for alleviating certain skin condition.

Body Oil

As the name suggests, body oils are primarily mix of different oils, with minimum to no preservatives. These highly concentrated potions penetrate much deeper into skin, as opposed to creams and lotions.

The natural oils have the property to remove dirt and pollutants from skin pores and unclog the skin pores, giving your skin a natural glow, while maintaining uni-tone.

However, the oils should be carefully selected and checked on comedogenic rating. Low comedogenic value suggests that it will not block the pores, where as high comedogenic value will clog.

We would recommend cold pressed, non-comedogenic oils like Satliva Body oils, which use premium and freshly extracted hemp seed oil from Himalayas. Added bonus, Satliva products are completely chemical free and use essential oil for fragrance and spa like rejuvenation.

Body Lotion

While most of the world loves lotions, we hardly realize the chemicals that we are allowing to enter our bloodstream with every use. They are popular due to their light texture, that allows them to go deeper quickly for easy moisturizing. 

Take a look at the table below for more detailed comparison that will help you to correctly map based on your requirement and product features.

Written By Namrata Kothari, Upward Media.

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