What Is Sustainability – Are You Living A Truly Sustainable Life?

What Is Sustainability - Are You Living A Truly Sustainable Life? on satliva.com

In layman’s terms, sustainability means the ability to meet our own needs without compromising on the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Although, contrary to popular belief; sustainability is not just environmentalism, implanted in most definitions of sustainability we also find concerns for social equity and economic development. Today we try to understand the environmental concerns, and learn how to live within the limitations of our planet by extracting more from the simple everyday products we purchase.


Draw out more from less

Bamboo toothbrushes, and wooden cutlery are quickly making their way into the common household, but is halting the use of plastic the only way to reduce our damage to the environment? Not quite.
Today we have a specific product for hair care, one for skin care, and another for face care. Purchasing “Sustainable” variants of each of these may seem like a prudent idea, but it’s far from it. Cultivating and manufacturing each of these products, regardless of their sustainability, takes a toll on the planet when produced at scale. The simple way to circumvent this problem is purchasing products made with truly natural ingredients that can fulfill various requirements. Listed below are a few examples of such products from Satliva –

Hemp with argan and activated charcoal shampoo bar – can be used for your face, body, as well as your hair. At Satliva, our bars are made using natural cold-pressed oils and a lye solution, all of which are beneficial for your skin and hair. Even our soap bars are crafted with the intention to fulfill several purposes instead of just one.


Mango lavender face cream – Isn’t exclusively for the face, made with natural cold-pressed oils, mango butter, and hemp seed oil, such a cream functions equally well for the body, and skin related problems such as burns, or allergic reactions like rashes as well. Several people suffer from burning and itchy skin, a little mango lavender face cream will provide respite from the discomfort anywhere on your body.


Cannamelon hair cream:  Is an all-natural cream, made using cold-pressed oils, ensuring this hair cream can be used on your body, as well as your face. The minimal ingredients that make up this nutrient dense hair cream are all greatly beneficial for your hair and skin.

Hemp with moringa face and body oil – Is another product with several applications and benefits. It can be used as a face serum, retinol, and face oil depending on what you require from it. Additionally it is an excellent nighttime moisturizer; promoting skin repair and general skin health.
It has the added benefit of maintaining skin hydration, and is used to provide relief from a multitude of skin conditions such as dry scaly skin, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle is no longer a choice, it’s a duty. With the planet nearing ecological collapse, endorsing little habits that compound to make a colossal difference is the only wise way forward to be truly sustainable. The self-care industry is among the highest contributors of pollution worldwide, fortunately; we have a multitude of options to do our bit in the fight against climate change and be truly sustainable. At Satliva, we follow the motto “minimal ingredients, maximum benefits,” not just for our customers, but for the health of the planet as well.

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