Therapeutic Hemp Seed Oil Blends That Can Transform Your Body

Therapeutic Hemp Seed Oil Blends That Can Transform Your Body on satliva.com

For most us, when we hear ‘Cannabis’ we immediately think “Oh, that’s marijuana!”But little do we know how this wonder plant ‘Hemp’ works its magic in the cosmetic world today and not to mention totally legal! Its versatility makes it an excellent carrier oil infused in bath and body products that we had no idea existed! Being the only essential oil that contains vital proteins that are so close to our very own DNA, the hemp seed oil has become the most sought after ingredient of the 21st century! So, let these hemp based body care products take their rightful place in your beauty routine today.


  1. Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Rosemary Oil – Rosemary, the herb used in the kitchen. You wouldn’t believe the wonders this essential oil can do for your hair. Applied over the scalp rosemary essential oil helps stimulate hair growth and most importantly slows greying. Combining its properties with the powers of hemp seed oil, Satliva’s Hair Cream with Rosemary Essential Oil leaves your hair stronger and shinier all day!
  1. Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Moringa Oil – Looking for just the right bed time skin care routine? Stop right here! While the hemp seed oil imparts its rejuvenating properties, the moringa body oil provides your skin with nutrients and minerals essential for healthy blood flow to the It’s time to make the right choice and pamper your skin with Satliva’s Hemp with Moringa body oil now.
  1. Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Argan Oil – A popular cosmetic choice itself, Argan oil is most commonly used to hydrate, soften and condition hair. With its high vitamin E properties and the protein rich goodness that hemp seed oil has to offer, the combination is ideal in giving your hair the nutritional boost it needs. Both oils are light and non-greasy, making them great natural conditioners. Treat your hair with no less that the best this season with Satliva’s Argan oil Shampoo Bar and revel in its goodness.

  1. Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Peppermint Oil – With its calm and cooling properties, peppermint essential oil is definitely an all-time favourite. Together with the hemp seed oil, this concoction will leave your skin with a feeling of freshness all day. And the best part? Peppermint oil is a clinically proven natural antiseptic! Satliva’s Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint is here to awaken your skin to lasting radiance.
  1. Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Avocado Oil – Enriching from within and beyond, avocado oil is the ideal choice for healthy skin. In its cold pressed essential oil form, it nourishes your skin leaving it softer, smoother and healthier. Together, the benefits of these infused oils hydrate and nourish your skin giving you that healthy radient glow. For round-the-clock hydration, Satliva’s Famous Avocado Soap Bar is all you’ll need.
  1. Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Raspberry Oil – The red raspberry seed essential oil contains a very high essential fatty acid profile packed with a good mix of vitamin E. Its unique contents infused with the ever enriching hemp seed oil, make for the perfect hydrating lip balm that is sure to help you keep dry and cracked skin at bay. Kiss your chapped lip worries goodbye as you say hello to Satliva’s Raspberry Lip Balm.

  1. Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Lavender Oil – Can you image the magic the world’s most versatile essential oil can do when infused with the world’s most nourishing one? Known for its healing properties, lavender oil can be your knight in shining armour and work miracles against that dreadful acne you’ve been trying to get rid of! Get your hands on Satliva’s Mango Fresh Face Butter with Lavender Oil and feel that goodness for yourself.

Change your mind already? So, the next time you hear ‘Cannabis’ you’ll be thinking, “Oh, magical oil in a bottle!”

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