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Summertime Softness on satliva.com

Well, the heat is certainly on!

Summer is here, and it’s time to pull out those bikini bods (aka – ANY BOD) , start sipping the coconut water and invest in a holistic skin regimen that will keep your largest organ moist and happy all through these coming months of dry heat.

But first, let’s go over the reasons our skin often acts up during this time of the year.

The Sun

Our life source, the literal star of this solar system, of lazy summertime Sunday swims, of solar power, sun-dried tomatoes, sun kissed glows, sunrises, sun sets, Sundance film festival, all good things, but also, sigh … of premature ageing.

Dust and Sweat

Well, there’s no way to make these two sound good together. A recipe for disaster. Dust and Sweat come together like, hmmm … a magnet and sweaty iron shavings during the summer, and seem to team up for the sole purpose of combatting a clear complexion. It’s a battle, so best be prepared.

Humidity or lack thereof.

I’m painting a picture here. A summer’s day, it’s hotter than he…ssarghata, you are out to get an ice cream cone and sweating it all off to keep cool. But, and there is a but, (not the good kind), you have oily skin and there’s water vapour in the air, you sweat and you sweat, dirt and dust build up, your pores are already clogged with oil, so the dirt and dust remain on your skin causing, ugh … unspeakable – WHITEHEADS! And it’s no secret that it’s all downhill from there…

Ok, but…

That’s unlikely because you actually have dry skin?

Allow me to paint another picture: a summer’s day, it’s hotter than ba…svangudi, you are out to get a fresh lime soda and are fanning yourself constantly to keep cool. You feel your arms dry up and your cheeks and your chin, your once luscious lips are now akin to the dried up atta that’s been at the back of your fridge since September. You literally feel your skin lose moisture bit by bit, you scratch the side of your arm and gawk at the ashy lines you leave behind. You are served your fresh lime soda but immediately rush home to moisturise excessively, drink three gallons of water and salvage what’s left of your youth … Ouch

If only there was a way to stop all the madness!


Well, there is … and it’s no surprise that it’s Hemp coming to the rescue once again.

Keep your skin B’h’anging this Summer with Satliva’s specially blended products that fight sun spots, acne, dryness, excessive oiliness and premature ageing.

Hydration is the best solution against sun damage and keeps the skin supple and strong. A summertime hydration routine for the skin should include cleansing, hydrating and then locking in that moisture. Adding Satliva’s products to your everyday skincare routine will help you do just that!


Enjoy this summer knowing that your skin is protected by Satliva’s specially crafted Red Raspberry Face Cream. Other than smelling delicious, this cream does wonders for your skin because of its natural ingredients that work to prevent ageing, protect from sun damage and maintain moisture.

Red Raspberry oil is rich in Vitamin E that works to regenerate your skin cells and prevent signs of ageing. It is also a natural sunscreen that protects you from those harsh UV rays.

Geranium essential oil, a key ingredient in this cream, has been used traditionally for centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt, to enhance the beauty of skin … and we can all definitely take a pointer or two from Cleopatra. The anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties of this oil work together to keep your skin flawless. Additionally, like all our products, this face cream is brought together by the wondrous powers of Hemp Seed Oil – an elixir of healthy fatty acids, the all-powerful Gamma Linolenic Acid and essential Vitamins and Minerals, guaranteed to protect your skin!

This cream is perfect for inhibiting sun damage and stimulating cell repair. Its antimicrobial properties will keep the sweat and dirt at bay and leave your skin blemish free. The abundance of Vitamin E will keep your skin soft and lock in the moisture, making sure you don’t dry out before your mid day coffee date. But that’s not all, the icing on the cake is that it smells like a juicy raspberry summer burst, courtesy of the specially selected ingredients that also work as mood enhancers, so massage some onto your face and get ready to have the best day ever!


It’s not just your face that’s going to need some extra TLC these next few months, it’s all of you (and all of me) , but let’s get serious, there is nothing worse than strutting out in your brand-new summer skirt and looking down to see that your legs are cracked, dry and make that chalk board sound when brushed against –  terrifying! Satliva’s Hemp and Avocado Soap Bar is here for you. A rich mixture of luxurious and skin softening ingredients this soap bar will keep your skin soft, supple and healthy!

Packed with an abundance of essential fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 this soap bar will have you looking like an (Oh) Mega babe in no time. These fatty acids work together to repair damaged, dry and mature skin. The Avocado oil with its bounty of healing properties helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, retain skin elasticity, and heal acne and sunburnt skin. The Hemp Seed Oil regulates and controls excess oil secretion, and alleviates issues such as inflammation and redness. All this while soothing your skin after a hard day in the sun and leaving you feeling brand new – an all natural at home spa experience!

Don’t wait any longer, treat your skin today, trust us …  it’ll be thanking you tomorrow.


For maximum benefits and freshness, all our natural and organic products should be kept in a cool, dry place and used within 4 months of purchase.


Satliva believes nature is the best nurture, and therefore uses all-natural, 100% organic, chemical-free ingredients blended together freshly just for you and delivered in plastic free packaging. Order your Satliva skin care products, feed your skin what’s best for it and be certain that this will be even better than the Summer of ’69!

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