Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Nighttime Skin Care Routine on satliva.com

If you still have the same day and night skincare routine, you must make some serious changes to it. There is nothing better than getting ahead of your desired skin goals with mere effort. During the night, your skin ideally absorbs the nutrients in your products way better during the daytime.

Before getting yourself tons of products, let’s know more about why you need a separate nighttime skincare routine in the first place.


Why should the DayTime Skincare routine be different from the NightTime SkinCare routine?


While on the surface nighttime skincare routines may seem similar to daytime routines, cleansing, moisturizing, and the likes, the paths they should employ are in fact very different. Think of it like the clothes you wear – During the day you dress for what you are about to do: Step out into the world, walk in the sun, avoid pollution as much as possible, stay comfortable in whatever weather you might be dealt that day, while, at night, your dress for a goodnight’s sleep – one that will absolve you of all the worries, stresses, and hardships from the day before. Skincare is the same.


What kind of products should I use in my nighttime skincare routine?


Our daytime skincare routine should consist of a light layer of organic products that protect us from the sun and from dirt and impurities while keeping us moisturized. So these tend to be lightly moisturizing and non-photosensitive products, while at night, our routine should involve replenishing our skin with all the nutrients that the day might have stripped it off.


Ultimately, this would mean a heavy moisturizing routine, sometimes involving photosensitive products and moisturizing components that seep deep into our pores. One of the best products you can use is Satliva Rosemary Face Cream. Unlike other chemically-treated creams, this one provides the right amount of nourishment to your skin and controls oil secretion. Additionally, it cuts out the need to use a separate sunscreen or anti-aging cream. It has the benefits of both sunscreen and anti-aging cream. Heavy moisturizing creams might end up making your skin acne-prone and oil.


Rather than putting money and effort into plenty of products for your skin, go for the ones that have the benefits of multiple ingredients. To make it easier for you, Satliva products have the right amount of everything that you need.


However, not only your face but your entire body needs the same amount of nourishment. Satliva has the perfect range of body and face oil for your skin. If you choose Hemp with Moringa Face and Body or Hemp with Jojoba Body Oil, it will do wonders for your skin. Your nighttime skincare routine must contain the oils as they moisturize your skin and it ensures to prevent clogged pores. Additionally, it works as an anti-aging agent that reduces the fine lines, wrinkles, and acne exponentially.


If not pure essential oils, you can choose to upgrade your body lotions and move to body buttercream. Switching to a natural and organic product is always a better option. Hemp with Neroli Body Butter and Hemp with Cocoa Bliss Body Butter Creams are a few of the best organic body butter options that you should go with. They improve skin elasticity, moisturize your dry skin, diminish wrinkles and fine lines. The goodness of natural essential oils blended with the purest hemp seed makes your skin better with each application.


The nighttime skincare routine can focus on packing your cells with moisture, vitamins, and minerals, thereby recharging them for the day to come and creating a stronger skin barrier that can fight away the dangers of the day better.


Will using tons of products help my skin heal during the night?

The nighttime routine should focus on repair and hydration. Not only does it keep your complexion balanced but it also ensures to keep your skin firm. You must consider using products with retinol, hyaluronic serums, niacinamide, etc. to help you restore the lacking hydration overnight.


As there are not any sort of environmental stressors during the nighttime, the natural products are able to penetrate when you are not wearing makeup while you sleep. Additionally, your skin is able to breathe properly when you are sleeping.


Unlike the daytime skincare routine, the night routine manages to absorb all the nutrients present in your product. If you think you can fix your skin during the night, you are absolutely right. However, you can only do that with the right products. Instead of using tons of products, you should consider products that will do the job for you in the best way possible.




So, to sum it up, you don’t need tons of products to rejuvenate your skin and bring out the best of your products. Satliva has the right products with just the right amount of ingredients you need to keep your skin healthy.

Both routines require you to cleanse and tone! Never forget this and remember the benefits of natural and organic cleansers, face creams, and body oils are far greater than just their intended purpose. Natural toner like witch hazel, for example, can fight acne, ward off infection and relieve inflammation and irritation, all while toning your skin.


Additionally, Your nighttime moisturizer can be heavier and contain photoactive products like retinol, hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter that really help to boost collagen production and rejuvenate your skin.


So there you have it, in case you had any doubts, let them be settled once and for all. Your nighttime and daytime skincare regimens have got to be different to best serve your precious skin and keep it as beautiful as can be with Satliva.

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