New Year Cleanse: How to detox your skin

New Year Cleanse: How to detox your skin on satliva.com

As the celebrations after New Year and holidays come to an end, we start fretting about all the food and makeup that went in and on the body during that time. The best way to get rid of the toxins is by cleansing the body with a “detox”.

You must have opted for detoxification at some point of time in life, by trying diet detox through juice cleansing, detox tea or constrained meal plans. But have you ever thought of detoxifying the biggest organ in your body?

Skin needs detox every few days, as it is very sensitive part of the body and it easily gets affected by disturbance or malfunctioning of any other part of body. Skin looks dull or breakouts after a stressful event, or after vacation that involved extended exposure to dust and sun, or when you sleep with makeup on, or if you eat too much oily food. All this causes the pores to get clogged.

A facial detox means first treating face to help remove all toxins, pollutants and dead skin cells from skin, then moisturising it and allowing it to revitalize.

Here are the most convenient ways to detox your skin from inside out that your skin would love.

1. Drink plenty of water – Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is the regular recommended intake. For detox, you should drink more fluid to achieve a glowing and hydrated skin. You may also include lemon water with honey in morning and green tea in afternoon as a part of your daily routine. They are antioxidant rich and fight free radicals and reduce signs of ageing.

2. Probiotics – Adding good probiotic to your daily meals cleanses the skin from inside out. Stronger immunity and regular bowel movements result in better long-term health and toxin-free skin.

3. Fibre – Increasing the fibre content in diet has numerous benefit for your skin. Eat a lot of seasonal fruits and green vegetables.

4. Exercise – Energetic and vigorous exercise increases lymph flow and circulation to help sweat out toxins. By working out, oxygen is transferred to all parts of body and aids the elimination of toxins through the lungs. So exercise for at least an hour a day to detoxify.

5. Natural Cosmetics – After taking care of the basic measures, you need to focus on what goes inside through your skin. You must select cosmetic products free from parabens, chemicals, unsafe preservatives, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and acrylic polymers. Buying few authentic and organic skincare essentials is much better than buying endless, expensive, chemical-based products. Try products from Satliva, they believe that Nature is the best nurture and have developed exclusive products with Hemp.

The regeneration of cells and toxins processing takes place while our body is resting, therefore before going to bed, apply Hemp with Jojoba Body Oil or Hemp with Moringa Body oil for maximising the benefits. Hemp Seed Oil provides the required Omega and Amino acids to enhance skin suppleness and soothes the skin against rashes, bruises, or any dark spots.

6. Healthy skincare regime – Boost your skincare regime by using natural products according to your skin type and requirement. It all begins with cleansing well. We’d recommend Activated Charcoal and Shea Butter body soap bar, which traps gunk and excessive oil to clear and cleanse clogged pores. It gently exfoliates and is very effective in preventing acne and backheads.

Use non-comedogenic oils such as Jojoba and Moringa, in combination with detoxifying essential oils like Neroli. Hemp with Neroli Body Butter is perfect solution for sensitive, dry and sun-damaged skin.

Hemp with Jojoba Body Oil creates a moisture barrier and prevent skin from drying and helps cure irritated and inflamed skin. It act as a natural cleanser and doesn’t clog the pores.

Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint is very effective in restoring the elasticity and glow of dull skin. It improves the hydration and skin texture. Offering anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral qualities, Beeswax reduces skin irritations, fine lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliate atleast 2-3 times a week to prevent buildup, use sunscreen and always wash off makeup before going to bed. Following a healthy regime improves long-term skin health while nourishing and keeping it supple and young.

Everyday pollutants, dirt, chemicals, makeup, unbalanced diet and hormonal disorders contribute to inner toxicity in skin and it shows up on our faces with in the form of breakouts, blemishes, inflammation, dry patches or flakiness.

The key to any detox is implementing it into your everyday life and enjoy the process, and feel better with results. You may not be able to say ‘no’ every time to cheesy food, fried delicacies, or spicy chat, but you can always say ‘yes’ to daily skin cleansing and moisturising routine, use of quality skin care essentials. Tweaking your routine with these minor changes, will have long term lasting results and you won’t have to worry about detox!

Make and keep this resolution this New Year!

Written by Namrata Kothari, Upward Media.

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