Neroli Oil for Ageless Skin and Beauty – All you need to know

Neroli Oil for Ageless Skin and Beauty – All you need to know on satliva.com

Did you know, Neroli is an Italian name for the essence of the bitter orange blossom!


Among its numerous benefits, Neroli is most sought after for its ability to regenerate skin at cellular level, resulting in improved skin texture and reduction of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Used often in aromatherapy because of its invigorating smell, Neroli has antiseptic and disinfectant properties that busts acne and soothes inflammation. This makes it a vital ingredient for personal care products like body butter and soaps for damaged, pigmented and acne-prone skin.


The name Neroli has an interesting history. It is said that Anne Marie Orsini, Princess of Nerola (In Italy) introduced this fragrance in the 17th century. She made a fashion statement by using the essence of the blossom of the bitter orange tree on her gloves. It became popular and got the name Neroli.


ProductionThe small, white, waxy flowers of the bitter orange tree are steam distilled to get the Neroli oil. It is said that the flowers of the bitter orange tree lose the oil if they are crushed or handled roughly. Hence, the blossoms are hand picked and handled with care so that the essential oil is not lost.


FragranceThis oil has a scent which is sweet, honeyed and somewhat metallic with green and spicy facets. Novices may confuse the fragrance with that of the orange blossom essence. But, an expert can distinguish between the fragrances.


Benefits of Neroli Oil:


Antimicrobial: Neroli due to its antimicrobial properties effectively treats skin infections. For conditions such as acne, skin irritations or wounds it has been seen that Neroli inhibits the growth of pathogens thus preventing the spread of the infections and protecting our skin.


Antioxidant properties: The lifestyle that most of us lead these days is not conducive to our skin or body. Free radicals can cause extensive damage to our cells and organs. Like other essential oils, Neroli too has antioxidant properties. These oils enter the bloodstream through the skin. They then help the body in fighting the free radicals and reduce the oxidative stress on the body.


Natural deodorant: A dilution of Neroli oil can be used as a body deodorant, room freshener or to get rid of the musty smell in your wardrobe.


Heals scars and preserves youthfulness: Neroli oil promotes the regeneration of new cells while rejuvenating current skin cells. This is called a cytophylactic process. Due to this property, the use of Neroli can heal scars. Constant production of new cells delays the process of aging and skin retains a youthful look.


Moisturizes Skin: Neroli has hydrating properties. Regular use of the skin keeps the skin hydrated keeping it smooth and also gives it a glow.

Removes odors: The antimicrobial property of Neroli helps eliminate foul odors that are caused by microbes. Neroli not only eliminates the odor-causing bacteria but it replaces the odor with a citrus fragrance.

Eliminates stretch marks: Regular use of Neroli oil on stretch marks before bedtime can help in eliminating them.

Arrests greying of hair: a mixture of neroli and coconut oil can arrest premature greying. Mix 2-3 drops of concentrated Neroli oil in 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Warm the mixture and apply to the scalp. This is said to arrest premature greying of hair.

Controls hair problems: for hair problems like split ends, knits, lice rub your scalp with a medium diluted version of the oil. Massage well and wash your hair with warm water that also has the oil mixed in it. The effect is visible almost immediately.

Relief from menstrual cramps: Massaging Neroli oil on your abdomen and a warm shower after that can give relief from menstrual pains and cramps.

Sedative effect: the fragrance of Neroli has a sedative effect on our mind and body. It gives relief from anxiety, stress, anger, depression, and other irritations.

Reduces blood pressure levels: Research has shown that regularly inhaling essential oils can reduce blood pressure levels.

Truly, essential oils are a blessing from nature. Neroli too has multiple benefits that can maintain, and heal our skin and body.

Among the many companies that make natural products, Satliva is the only one that has endeavored to make a body butter with Hemp Seed oil and Neroli. It not only includes hemp seed oil and Neroli essential oil, but it also includes many others like coconut oil, Moringa oil, Jojoba oil, Beeswax oil and shea butter!  Words cannot describe the goodness of this body butter.

Needless to say, using the Satliva body butter with Neroli oil will bless your skin with all the benefits that have been mentioned earlier.

Let your skin live, breathe and get that ethereal glow with Satliva’s Hemp seed and Neroli body butter!

Written by Namrata Kothari, Upward Media.

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