Introduce your Hair to Hemp Seed Oil with Satliva’s Hair Creams

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Just when you thought hair products these days just don’t help here comes Satliva to leave you asking for more. Combined with the newest, healthiest oil in town we’d say its natures perfect hair food. Satliva’s hair creams are crafted and balanced with vital nutrients, protein, fibre, amino acids and EFA’s that could do wonders for your hair. Read on and discover more about why your hair needs to get on the hair cream bandwagon today!

While most gel and wax brands are great to work with, have you noticed the number of chemicals that go into making these products? And worse, have you considered the damage it could do? As much as we’d love to walk out those doors with a classy hair-do every day, chemical products scare us off instantly. Enter Satliva.

Even though hair creams aren’t the most commonly used products, these hair creams more than deserve a spot in every man’s grooming arsenal. Packed with some of natures purest ingredients, they’re enriched with essential proteins and vitamins that are out-of-this-world. While giving you the styling agent you need, these creams not only work as great conditioners but also improve the quality of your hair. Unlike ordinary hair wax or gel, Satliva’s hair creams are thicker and typically work well with all hair types without giving you that dreadful greasy finish. They can help define and boost your curls or even give your silky smooth hair that shine it needs, without weighting down your hair. Tame that frizzy hair and those fly-aways with the ultra hydrating effect these creams have on your hair.

Hemp Seed Oil with Satliva’s Hair Cream

Out of the many benefits that the hemp seed offers, healthy hair is among the leading ones. With hemp seed oil as its greatest weapon, Satliva’s hair creams help fight against hair loss and thinning hair. Its peppermint essential oil infused hair cream doesn’t just promote hair growth but can prevent you from losing your hair in the first place. Peppermint essential oil’s clinically proven antiseptic properties can also keep scalp allergies and infections at bay. Another must have for us who love our locks is Satliva’s rosemary essential oil infused hair cream. Rosemary’s antibacterial powers can help you get rid of dandruff or a flaky scalp and still give you a styling agent your hair can start a day with.

For those of us who are follically challenged, these creams are great products to start using right away. The hemp seed oils perfect ration of EFA’s improves blood circulation in the scalp thereby stimulating new hair growth and creating keratin that is essential for new hair growth. This formula will also help nourish, condition and moisturize your hair leaving it soft and light. These hair creams can help achieve some amazing texture and allow you to work with some great hairstyles too.

Satliva’s hair creams are best used as conditioners pre-shower or styling agents for when you’re done. Their super nutrient contents are sure to leave your hair perfectly shiny, and healthier than it’s ever been. Give your hair the nourishment it needs, give your hair Satliva.

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