How to find your perfect lip balm?

How to find your perfect lip balm? on satliva.com

Need a lip balm?

The skin of our lips is so delicate and thin that blood vessels may be seen through it. That is what makes our lips blood red. Our lips are devoid of sebum and sweat glands, which are in charge of giving oil and moisture to our skin. Our lips similarly have a very thin corneal layer that protects our skin from any harmful external stimuli. As a result, we rely on exterior care and protection for our lips. This is why you should use lip balm to protect your lips.

Finding the best lip balm and remembering to reapply it are the keys to keeping your lips healthy. Whether your lips are cracked and dry during winter or need a bit of extra protection in the hot summer sun, the perfect lip balm for you is out there!

Look for the following features in your favorite lip balm for this season-

All vegan lip balms

High Hydration

Ylang lip balm

When winter approaches, have a water bottle on hand and your lips protected with a comfortable scarf and a serious lip balm. Lip Balm provides intense therapy and protection for chapped, dry lips. There’s no rule that says you can’t mix glitter with lip protection. If your lips are soft and smooth, a little color and gloss may go a long way.

No chemicals

Orange lip balm from Satliva

Most of us are conscious of choosing toxin-free skincare and hair care products, but when it comes to our lips, we pay little attention and use any lip balm or petroleum jelly. Satliva sells a variety of vegan items, including lip balms. Lip masks and lip glosses may both be replaced with an excellent lip balm. These lip balms provide much-needed moisture to your lips.

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