How To Deal With A Dry Scalp And Dandruff

How To Deal With A Dry Scalp And Dandruff on satliva.com

The terms “dry scalp” and “dandruff” are often confused with each other and used interchangeably by most people. However; they are two different conditions that share similar symptoms, which is the reason for the common mix-up between the two.
Dandruff is believed to occur due to an overproduction of oil in the hair follicles, or by an overgrowth of certain types of bacteria and fungus on the scalp, whereas dry scalp can be caused by factors such as – age, weather, or a reaction to harsh soaps, shampoos, and other products. If you find yourself plagued by a dry scalp or dandruff, continue reading to learn more about these vexing conditions, and what you can do to escape them.

How to deal with a dry scalp

The multitude of products and tips out there for dealing with this problem should make things easier, but do just the opposite. The countless choices make it difficult to identify which ones would work appropriately for our scalp type, and almost always we find ourselves holding yet another bottle of product we don’t need. To simplify things, we’ve put together a little list of tips, and products to go along with them to help you out.

  • Use a gentle hydrating shampoo  – Shampoo is the most common hair care product found in any household, and more often than not, it is usually a liquid shampoo filled with chemicals that dehydrate and damage your scalp. The Hemp with Argan & Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar is gentle, and 100% natural. It keeps your scalps natural oil intact, while absorbing any aggravating impurities and dirt build up. Make sure to shampoo your hair not more than 2 or 3 times per week as overuse of shampoo is a common cause of a dry scalp.
  • Use a moisturising & nourishing hair oil – Hair oils have been used for centuries to cure a dry scalp. Using a hair oil that penetrates the scalp, without clogging pores, depositing its nutrients, and benefits without harming the scalp microbiome can be a lifesaver for your dry scalp condition. The Hemp with Avocado Hair Oil and The Hemp with Argan Hair Oil do just that.
  • Avoid hot showers – One of the simplest things to avoid a dry scalp is switching out the hot showers for warm, or cold ones. Hot showers dry out the skin and scalp, further aggravating your dry scalp condition.

How to deal with dandruff

Dandruff is among the most common of scalp conditions, and with our tips and products, dealing with it is extremely easy.

  • Shampoo frequently – shampooing between 3-4 times a week, using a shampoo that absorbs excess oil and rids the scalp of any dirt and build up that could linger and cause dandruff is a great first step. The Hemp with Argan & Activated Charcoal Shampoo bar can address dandruff like no other.
  • Keep your hair & scalp dry – After a shower, make sure your scalp is completely dry, as damp hair is conducive to the overgrowth of dandruff causing bacteria and fungus.
  • Use a hair cream – Hair creams are making their way into the limelight for several scalp conditions, and some specialise in fighting dandruff. The Argan peppermint Hair Cream by Satliva was crafted with the intention to prevent dandruff, promote hair growth, and defend against UV Damage, while leaving the scalp feeling refreshed and healthy

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