Hair Oil Online: Because Who Doesn’t Need a Nice Champi Every Now and Then

Hair Oil Online: Because Who Doesn’t Need a Nice Champi Every Now and Then on satliva.com


If you’ve grown up in India, you must have a childhood memory of an elder, maybe your grandmother, oiling your hair on a sunny winter afternoon. Tel maalish, champi or oil massage, our country is full of healthy traditions that are passed down through generations. But with changing times and life in urban areas becoming faster than ever, who has an hour, let alone a day, to sit down in the sun with a bowl of lukewarm oil? We urban dwellers need something quick and effective; But what? Satliva’s range of hair oil online has an answer for your every need.

Satliva’s hair oil online range is meant to provide you the best results in the least amount of time, so that you don’t miss out on your important deadlines.

Our premium selection of hair oil online offers you Hemp with Argan Oil and Hemp with Avocado Oil. Our Hemp with Argan oil strengthens your roots, restores damaged, frizzy hair and reduces hair fall. Its special Argan oil hydrates your hair and locks in the moisture.

The Hemp with Avocado oil controls hair fall, treats dandruff and helps in hair thickening. The key ingredient, that is the Avocado oil penetrates the hair shaft and deeply moisturises the hair to prevent breakage.

How to use Satliva’s hair oil online range?

Take a small amount of oil and rub in your palms to warm it up. Spread it evenly across your scalp and massage in circular motions. We suggest you leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning for best results. Satliva’s motive is to provide you with quick and effective products so that you can be your best self without compromising on your work schedule. Our premium collection of hair oil online is one of our many ways to help you take care of yourself.

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