Hair Cream: What, Why and How-to?

Hair Cream: What, Why and How-to? on satliva.com

What if you are told that one product can tame your frizz, help in styling as well as provide nourishment to your hair without making them look greasy!

Don’t believe us? Read on to find out more about the one-stop solution to your hair woes.

Why Hair Cream?

Just like our body, our hair needs nourishment too, and a lot of it! Oils can provide nourishment but it makes hair look sticky. Hair cream does not only fulfil styling needs but also work to make hair healthy.

Natural ingredients like Rosemary oil, Hemp, Peppermint Oil and Almond Oil give your hair a shine and nourishment, while fighting off damage done by harmful pollution, UV rays and dirt.

Earlier style conscious men would use a hair gel for that back-comb-hair look and add serious shine. It looked good, but felt heavy and greasy. Today’s hair cream gives a more natural look. Specially for dull hair, hair cream application gives a well-groomed look, effortlessly.

What is hair cream?

Hair cream, commonly termed as styling cream, adds natural shine to rough hair. It smoothens the tamed hair and holds them well so that they don’t fall. In simple words, it removes frizz and fly-aways without making them heavy.

However, high maintenance and party wear styles like spikes, mohawks and pompadours are not possible with creams. That require a more sticky wax kind of a thing found in styling gels.

Cream is for casual and natural finish that styles while nourishing. Hair creams are not solid like wax, or sticky like a gel, they are thick creams that works for all hair types. Hair cream is especially a boon for curly and long unmanageable mane, that gets easily entangled. Applying cream boost the curls or wavy hair without weighing them down.

How To Use Hair Cream

For daily use

Hair creams can be used before and after shampoo.

If you are applying it before shampoo, use it like any other oil, the cream strengthens the roots, conditions the hair, prevents hair fall and also promotes hair growth.

a) Take a dab of cream (pea size) in your palm and using fingers apply directly on the roots as well as hair.

b) Give a gentle massage for a minute or two and leave the cream on your hair and scalp for atleast 30 minutes before wash.

If using after shampoo, apply hair cream after you towel dry your wet hair. Take some cream on your palm and after rubbing, run the hair cream through damp hair. Evenly cover all hair and style as desired using fingertips, scrunch for curly styles or smooth down with a brush for a straight look.

For a spa experience

Try using  hair cream as a hair mask before shower. After massaging softly into the roots and hair, put on a shower cap and cover the head with warm towel. Keeping it on for 40-50 minutes allows nutrients to penetrate deep into the scalp making hair visibly luscious. For extra conditioning and managing rough frizz, cream can also be applied after the shower.

What to look for in Hair cream

Conventional hair creams, gels and wax, can deliver soft hair, but the chemical laden products deliver only short term benefits. They slowly damage the health of your hair and scalp.

Be sceptical and read the ingredients carefully. What goes in your hair and scalp finds a way into your body.

Satliva specialises in creating perfect blend with rich ingredients which improve the texture and strength and aids in hair sculpting. You must try their Hair cream with rosemary essential oil to restore softness, shine and manageability of parched, unruly locks. 

Take a look at the ingredients used in Satliva products, and their benefits:

Hemp seed Oil – Rich source of Omegas 3 and 6, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is also a great source of protein and high in antioxidants. It hydrates the hair deeply and rejuvenates.

Argan Oil – Full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, it works as an ideal hair conditioner to treat frizzy hair and split ends. Prevents from UV rays and air pollutants.

Jojoba Oil – Used as a natural skin conditioner because of its anti-inflammatory, regenerating, calming and softening properties. It stimulate hair growth.

Bees wax – It is a natural moisturiser with anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties makes it a useful ingredient

Rosemary Essential Oil – It offers soothing, cleansing and stimulating effect to your hair and scalp. It works to strengthen hair follicles and improves blood circulation in scalp by penetrating in deeper layers of skin.

Peppermint Oil – The menthol in peppermint essential oil is a vasodilator, and hence it improves blood flow. Its pleasant fragrance and microbial properties makes it a solid ingredient. You must try Satliva’s hair cream with peppermint oil

Are Hair Creams Water Soluble?

Yes, they can be easily be washed with water. It feels slightly sticky like hair conditioner, but can be rinsed away with water.


Hair cream boost hydration while keeping frizzy hair in control. More and more people are now getting on the hair cream bandwagon and they are loving it. Tell us about your experience!

Written by Namrata Kothari, Upward Media.

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