Different ways to use body butter

Different ways to use body butter on satliva.com

Body butter has a thicker, balmier texture than lotion. It’s fantastic for dry spots on our bodies, such as the elbows, hands, legs, and feet. Body butters have a fatty feel and are ideal for those with extremely dry skin. In comparison to lotion, butters hold less water and spread less. Body butters are more natural and unrefined, whereas lotions are more refined. Butters should ideally be applied at night because our skin is in healing mode while we sleep. As a result, it is more effective when administered at night. Body butter is a type of skin moisturizer that contains cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, or vegetable oil. It’s thicker than lotion and works especially well on dry skin. Let’s start with different ways we can use body butters.

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Make up remover 

Remove any clingy make-up. Apply a little amount of body butter on a moistened cotton pad and appreciate how quickly the day’s makeup is removed from your skin. It can even remove waterproof mascara, but be careful not to get it in your eyes.


Use body butter on ignored areas like neckline or lips, too. Just warm a little amount of butter between your palms and gently massage it starting from your chest upwards your neck with generous strokes.

Hand care 
Hand cream that is soothing. Anyone who has green fingers understands how your hands feel after a few hours of gardening. It’s a fantastic sensation to use a creamy body butter after properly cleaning your hands. Consider soft digits as opposed to cracked knuckles and dry hands.

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