A Guide to Lip Care & Its Significance During the Winter

A Guide to Lip Care & Its Significance During the Winter on satliva.com

Skin and hair care are topics that have been discussed extensively on the internet and in person. However, there is one subject of skin care that is often overlooked: Lip Care! The harsh and cold winter air tends to dry out one’s lips, leaving them feeling chapped and prone to micro cuts which further leads to discomfort and an unruly appearance. Though we have identified this problem, how exactly does one go about treating or managing it? Let’s dive right into this relatively undiscussed topic of lip care.

Why is lip care paramount during the winter?

Dry and chapped lips are extremely common during the winter, why? Because the lips are a very delicate part of the face with no sebaceous glands, which means they are unable to produce lubricating oils that help to hydrate and comfort skin. During the winter months the cold air dries lips out and they need help to replenish the damage. This is where the number one tool to fight off dry and chapped winter lips comes into the picture: Lip Balm.

Lip balm is the go-to product for winter lip care due to its protective and nourishing properties.

It creates a barrier around your lips keeping environmental aggressors and the dry winter air at bay, ensuring your lips are moist and hydrated throughout the day. Certain lip balms with uber nourishing ingredients – such as Hemp Seed Oil – can take your lip care routine to a whole new level. It is imperative to identify and incorporate the right lip balms into your daily lip care routine for the best results.


The benefits of a hemp seed oil-based lip balm

Hemp Seed Oil is slowly gaining popularity and amassing a substantial number of users. Though we are slowly becoming more aware of its benefits for skin and hair, how well can hemp seed oil perform in a lip balm? Let’s have a look.

  • It moisturises the lips – Hemp seed oil infuses moisture and hydration into your lips, ensuring they stay healthy and protected from dryness throughout the day.
  • It expedites the healing process – The winter months damage lips. The unique ability of hemp seed oil to hasten the healing process is perfect for the dry and damaging winter months.
  • It is replete with essential nutrients – Hemp seed oil is brimming with essential vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids omega – 3,6, & 9. These work in unison to ensure your lips look and feel at their best.
  • It reduces lip pigmentation.
  • It softens and scents lips.
  • It leaves a glossy and radiant finish, improving overall facial appearance.

The winter months can be detrimental to your lip health. A strict and truly salubrious lip care routine paired with the right products, diet, and habits are essential if you want your lips to see the steadily approaching summer unscathed. At Satliva, we’ve kept you and your health in mind while crafting the Orange Lip Balm and the Ylang Lip Balm, both made with the goodness of hemp seed oil to ensure you enjoy the winter festivities unafraid and unrestrained this year.

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