A conscious guide to hair treatment cream for all

A conscious guide to hair treatment cream for all on satliva.com

Many readers might be imagining this hair product brimming with harsh chemicals that could damage your hair in the long term. Satliva’s hair treatment cream, also called hair creams are here to break this fallacy. All of Satliva believes in promoting wellness through selfcare. Hair treatment creams give hair a delicate, natural-looking gloss. It has a low to medium hold that tames wayward hairs while without weighing down your ‘do. Simply said, it eliminates frizz without leaving a greasy residue behind. It caters to both casual and high-maintenance looks, like hair spikes, mohawks, and pompadours. This product also allows your hair to flow freely and gives it a relaxed look, but cream is the way to go. It provides light to medium hold with a natural finish, which is ideal for days when you don’t want to put in the effort.


It’s your saving grace for the last minute

Hair treatment cream for hair


If you feel your hair are getting dull with each passing day, these hair treatment creams at Satliva can be your saving grace. They are like a bowl of multivitamins for your scalp and roots. It is full of hemp seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, beeswax and rosemary essential oil. This product treats your hair if used consistently and promotes hair growth.



Styling while treating

Treat while styling using hair treatment cream from satliva now


These hair treatment creams are  suitable for most hair types and work wonders on curls, waves, or coarser hair, smoothing it and giving a hint of shine while remaining natural. Now you can get the sleek Kendall Jenner look without having to spend thousands of bucks.


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