Why Is It Crucial To Follow The 21 Day Process With Satliva’s Products?

Why Is It Crucial To Follow The 21 Day Process With Satliva’s Products? on satliva.com

Nowadays; our society is used to and always seeking instant gratification. This profound desire to experience immediate results has created massive demand in the personal-care industry for instantaneously fruitful products. However; in the long run, are these products truly beneficial, or simply superficial? Read on to learn more about this topic.

Commercial self-care products are pumped full of chemicals, steroids, additives, simple alcohols, and many man-made ingredients that bring about the desired result almost immediately. Although, the regular application of such unnatural ingredients has been proven to leave a lasting negative impact on your skin and hair. Once you’re used to seeing immediate results, you may notice that a single day without the use of such products can leave your skin looking and feeling dull, dry, and irritated, which leads you directly towards dependency on these chemical based products. This beckons the question “is this a price worth paying for superficial and transitory results?” Most individuals would call this a bad deal.

Fortunately for us, there are numerous brands and products that work towards crafting salubrious products that leave your skin and scalp feeling healthy on the outside as well as the inside. However; they don’t do this immediately. Natural products demand some time to work their magic on your body. But the wait is definitely worth it, as they provide long-lasting positive results, that only compound as you continue to use them.

At Satliva, we spend months creating the perfect 100% natural formulations for each of our products. With the help of our 100% formula, which essentially means using exclusively  cold-pressed oils, essential oils, and Hemp Seed Oil, we create genuinely useful products that help with a multitude of skin and scalp ailments, guiding you towards the right path for sustainable, and lasting health. Additionally; our 100 % formula avoids the use of water, as the use of water leads to the use of stabilizers and chemicals in order to keep bacterial growth in check. We urge our customers to use our products for a minimum of 21 days in order to experience the true power of nature centric products, ensuring you reap all the benefits of the particular product; be it a soap barshampoo barhair creamface cream, or hair & body oil. This 21 day window allows the ingredients to seep deep into your skin, and push out all the toxins that would otherwise accumulate and lead to various skin disorders, or generally unhealthy skin.
A side note to keep in mind when you introduce 100% natural products into your routine: It is perfectly natural to experience breakouts or acne during the initial stages, as this is evidence of the products extracting all the toxins from your skin, and restoring health from beneath the superficial layers.

Now that you understand the heavy price you pay for instantaneous results, ask yourself; “am I satisfied with the temporary and superficial advantages of chemical-based products, or would I rather invest 21 days for flourishing long-term health?” The greatest takeaway from this article would be to patiently trust in nature’s age-old process, be kind to your body, and allow it some time to heal.

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