Satliva’s watermelon seed oil-infused good

Satliva's watermelon seed oil-infused good on satliva.com

Watermelon seed oil


Satliva has been concentrating on all natural and physical wellbeing since its inception. It has introduced several unusual components that are rich in advantages for our skin, hair, and body. Satliva focuses not just on outward care but also on what goes inside one’s body. They provide a variety of healthful snacks. They have expanded their range recently by introducing watermelon seed oil in their skincare line. Satliva does not make items in batches. They manufacture all their products just after you place an order to ensure the finest quality. This manner, you may get your hands on a freshly manufactured skincare product that is free of synthetic ingredients.


Watermelon seed oil  face cream

Watermelon seed oil face cream


This face cream is brimming with the goodness of Watermelon seed oil and Indian hemp seed oil. It is as good for your face as a big bowl of watermelon for your taste buds. The combination of hemp seed oil and watermelon seed oil contains vitamins A and E, which are potent antioxidants that aid in preventing sun damage by regulating free radicals created by UV exposure. Satliva’s Watermelon seed oil Face Cream efficiently manages excess oil, acne, and assists in the reduction of dark circles and wrinkles. It aids in keeping the skin fresh and moisturized throughout the day. The cream is intended for acne-prone skin, as well as oily and combination skin. Vegan at all times. The presence of watermelon seed oil in the cream helps it control excessive oil, reduce acne, wrinkles and dark spots.


How to use it?


To get results apply a pea sized amount of face cream to your face and neck area. After 21 days of regular application you will start to see the difference in your skin texture.

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