Hair cream : what not to do?


Hair cream from satliva


Hair products might be tricky to use. Especially the ones you’ve never heard of, like hair cream. Don’t worry, it’s all taken care of for you. Hair cream gives hair a gentle, natural-looking gloss. It has a low to medium hold that tames wayward hairs while without weighing down your ‘do. All natural hair cream with a high concentration of  cold-pressed oils like argan, rosemary and hemp seed oil will rescue your dry hair like none other. From reducing splits to promoting hair  growth, a hair cream will prove to be an essential in your hair care regime. Before choosing your go to hair cream. let’s look at the things one should NOT do while purchasing a hair cream.


Don’t apply hair cream on a dirty scalp

Hair cream on a dirty scalp can lead to dandruff


Applying hair cream to an unclean scalp might result in your hair feeling more sticky and oily than you’d want. Dust and bacteria are more prone to adhere to oily hair as well. Always wash your hair the night before you put on hair cream.



Don’t use excessive heat

Hair appliances can damage hair, use a hair cream


Do not use your hairdryer to force your hair to dry quicker or straighter. This causes the hair shaft to expand and the outside layers to coil up, giving your hair a frizzy appearance. Instead you use a hair cream to style your hair the way you want right after you come out of the shower. It banishes fizziness and also gives you a sleek look.


Don’t over do it

Hair cream and other products


If you have an oily scalp, avoid placing conditioner on your hair roots. Use a beeswax based hair cream which will leave your hair supple. If you want your hair to seem cleaner for longer, don’t over-brush it as combing distributes oil down the length of the hair, making it appear greasy.

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